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3D Laser Mapping Ltd

3D Laser Mapping are a technology company working with, developing and promoting the use of Riegl terrestrial and airborne laser scanning systems. We provide laser scanning solutions through sales, hire, service and consultancy to a broad marketplace. 3D Laser Mapping is a Premier Distributor for Riegl laser scanning products.

Riegl Austria is a recognised leader in the development and manufacture of laser based products. The company has a 25 year history and continues to develop highly innovative products. 3D Laser Mapping provides training and technical support to users of Riegl hardware and software.

3D Laser Mapping have a dedicated and experienced team of people with unique skills within the terrestrial and airborne laser scanning market, and benefit from the worldwide support of Riegl and other partner companies.

3D Laser Mapping can provide a flexible approach to meeting the needs of a client, based on a broad range of hardware, software and practical experience. In addition, client specific software solutions can be developed in conjunction with Riegl hardware.

3D Laser Mapping is currently developing a Quality Management System for ISO accreditation in the near future.


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Dr Graham Hunter