Subscan UDS Ltd

Subscan UDS Ltd

Subscan offer a range of services throughout the UK from each of our four disciplines of Survey, Utilities, Drainage and Civils.

The survey department has a team of highly experienced surveyors, offering services such as Topographical Surveys, Measured Building Surveys, 3D Laser Scanning, Legal & Lease Plans, Monitoring, Setting Out and Boundary Surveys.

Our utilities department offer Underground Utility Tracing, GPR Surveys, Drainage Surveys, Manhole Surveys and Service Clearance Surveys. Traced services and drainage can be overlaid onto a topographical survey produced by ourselves, or overlaid onto an existing topographical survey undertaken by another survey company. Alternatively, or in addition to, the traced details can be marked on the ground, appropriately colour coded, prior to any excavation.

Our drainage department offers a 24 hour emergency call our responding to emergency blockages, repairs and cleaning. We can also coordinate with the survey department to provide sewer CCTV surveys.

We offer emergency excavation and repairs from our Civils department, using state of the art technology and machinery.

All of the above services are undertaken ‘in house’ and all survey operatives and drainage operatives are employees of the company. Each employee is qualified to use our large fleet of survey, CCTV and Jetting equipment and vehicles.


ISO Certifications – 9001/14001/18001
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The National Association of Drainage Contractors
The National Sewerage Association
The Water Jetting Association


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Kirk Mason – Operations Director
Geraint Gibbs – Survey Manager
Ellie Hair – Survey Operations Manager