Survey Control Services

Survey Control Services

Established in 1978, SCS provides innovative solutions to intractable problems, in addition to providing routine surveying and measurement services in:

Land Surveys – topographical surveys at all scales for residential, commercial and industrial development schemes, transportation improvements and recreational facilities.

Engineering Surveys – existing plant layouts, production line alignments, route surveys for overhead power lines, railway yard design, main control networks for construction works.

Building Surveys – precise plans and elevations of existing buildings at large scales.

Inshore/River Surveys – bed levels for lakes, lagoons and other shallow waters to provide digital ground models for engineering works, flood alleviation and holding volumes.

Volumetric Surveys – plans and volumes for bulk material stock control and audit excavation and landfill volumes, air void calculations, restoration and reclamation design.

Monitoring Surveys – determination of movements occurring in structures, land settlement measurement, deformation of structures and engineering plant in static or dynamic modes.

Boundary Determinations – investigation and measured survey in connection with boundary disputes, determinations, conveyance plans and corporate takeovers.

Lease Plans – accurate determination of boundaries and areas of retail units and commercial centres for calculation of rents and service charges.


Holders of BS/EN/ISO 9001 – awarded October 1991 by BSIQA


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CJ Mills, BSc, FRICS – Principal