Survey Liaison Group

The voice for the UK Survey Industry

The Survey Liaison Group (SLG) was originally the Industry Liaison Group and was set up in the 1980’s by RICS, ICES and TSA with the intention of becoming THE voice for the UK Survey Industry.

In 2006, with the advent of a new Secretariat at TSA, the group was reformed and named as the SLG or Survey Liaison Group. It was felt that this name better reflected the aims and intentions of the group. Since that time, the group has met twice a year and continues to do so.

The SLG members:

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 Our aims

  • To provide transparency as to what the three different organisations are doing to ensure we were not overlapping, duplicating or carry out conflicting activities,
  • To endorse each other’s documents where relevant,
  • To work together on industry events such as exhibitions and/or conferences,
  • To collaborate on endorsing survey education and training courses,
  • To collaborate on survey industry training and education activities.

Recent work

The SLG has achieved many things in the past few years such as endorsement of each other’s guidance notes and client guides – this was the ethos behind the group originally to avoid duplication of effort in the survey industry. Cooperation is vital within such a small work sector and the best example of the cooperation has been the introduction and jointpromoting of the very successful Geo Business Show 2014 held in Islington last May. The group was joined by the AGI for the show and that organisation continues to have an interest in the work of the SLG.

Please contact us

If there are any issues that are affecting your organisation that you believe the SLG could help with, please let us know. You can contact us at