TSA produces Client Guides, Guidance Notes and briefing notes on various areas of surveying. These are available to download as pdf files.

These documents belong to TSA and must not be made available for download anywhere else.

TSA’s Client Guides are primarily aimed at other professionals such as engineers, architects, planners and clients in general. They are not intended to go ‘in depth’ into practical issues but to act as a basic guide on a particular topic and, in particular, on procedures and regulations which may govern how a particular aspect of the survey is carried out.

Guidance Notes are generally aimed at survey companies and clients who require detailed information on a subject. Where procedures are recommended for specific professional tasks, these are intended to embody ‘best practice’, ie procedures which in the opinion of TSA meet a high standard of professional competence.

Briefing notes are intended to provide information and explanations to members on specific topics of relevance to the profession. Briefing notes are not intended to recommend or advise on professional procedures. All content is based on information available at the time of issue.

Step 1 — Select Guides to download

  • Client Guide - Aerial LiDAR Surveys

  • Client Guide - Satellite Imagery Surveys

  • Client Guide - Photogrammetry

  • Client Guide - Offshore Satellite Imagery Survey

  • Client Guide - Offshore Hydrographic Survey

  • Client Guide - Mobile LiDAR Surveys

  • Client Guide - Measured Building Surveys

  • Client Guide - How to Tender

  • Client Guide - Geological Mapping from Satellite Imagery

  • Client Guide - Digital Orthophotography

  • Client Guide - Determined Boundaries

  • Client Guide - Commissioning Surveys of Watercourses

  • Client Guide - Commissioning Inshore & Nearshore Hydrographic Surveys

  • Client Guide - Achievable Accuracies from Aerial Photogrammetric Systems

  • Briefing Note - Class 3R Lasers

  • Client Guide - Setting Out

  • Client Guide - Small Unmanned Aircraft Surveys

  • Client Guide - Terrestrial Laser Scanning

  • Client Guide - Topographical Surveys

  • Client Guide - TSA Survey Specification for Architects

  • Client Guide - Utility Asset Tagging

  • Client Guide to Instrumentation & Monitoring

  • Client Guide to Instrumentation & Monitoring Summary

  • Guidance Note - Network RTK Full Report (2008)

  • Guidance Note - Network RTK GNSS Best Practice 2012

  • Guidance Note - Network RTK GNSS Report 2012

  • Guidance Note - Railway Surveying

  • TSA Client Guide to PAS128

  • TSA Essential Guide to PAS128-2014

  • Briefing Note - Theft Mitigation Measures

  • A4 Poster – Theft Mitigation Measures

  • TSA PAS128 Linetypes & Quotation Templates

  • Client Guide - Survey Specification for the Provision of Architectural Services

  • Client Guide - Pedestrian Mobile Mapping

  • Client Guide - Close Range Photogrammetric Accuracies

  • Glossary of Terms

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