The new PAS128 Accreditation Scheme for utility surveying companies

TSA has created a trailblazing PAS128 accreditation scheme for utility surveying companies that are TSA members. Named PUMA (PAS128 Utility Mapping Accreditation), the new accreditation scheme is the culmination of ten years of development work by TSA. The scheme aims to give accredited TSA members a competitive advantage over other commercial survey companies by giving clients confidence in the level of service and product accuracy assured by the accreditation.

PUMA is run by LRQA, a global leader in assurance, certification and inspection services.

For TSA members

PUMA will provide a benchmark and create a national standard for best practice for underground surveys. Membership of the scheme will give accredited surveyors a competitive edge and will demonstrate their continuous professional improvement.

For clients

PUMA will give clients of accredited survey companies confidence in the level of service and the quality of data provided, as well as saving them time and potentially costly delays. As well as raising standards, it provides surety that all PUMA accredited survey companies that claim to work to PAS128 actually do so.

About PAS Accreditation

The aim of PAS128 specification was to introduce:

CLARITY about different types of utility mapping services

CONSISTENCY in how these services are carried out

ACCOUNTABILITY for the work undertaken

The adoption of PAS128 specification has been widespread and there is considerable variability in how PAS128 is applied. PAS128:2022 has introduced new requirements and additional variability

PUMA gives Utility Mapping Practitioners a means of demonstrating full compliance with PAS128

PUMA allows Survey Companies to DIFFERENTIATE themselves 

PUMA provides clients with CONFIDENCE in their choice of survey company and that work is being carried out to the standards required

Are you ready to be part of it?

To find out more about how to become part of PUMA please find below a link to a guidance document and application form