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The pathway to a career in surveying

TSA’s Surveying Course at The Survey School provides a valuable resource for the education of tomorrow’s surveyors.

Latest job opportunities

Land & Measured Building Surveyor

Terrain Surveys Ltd

  • Location: Welwyn, Hertfordshire
  • closing: 31 Aug 2024

Senior Land Surveyor

Castle Surveys Ltd

  • Location: UK
  • closing: 31 Jul 2024

Senior Utility Mapping Surveyor

Cadmap Ltd

  • Location: London / South East
  • closing: 31 Jul 2024

Land & Measured Building Surveyor

Sitech Surveying Services

  • Location: UK wide
  • closing: 31 Jul 2024

More opportunities

Assistant Land & Measured Building Surveyor

Location: UK wide

Trainee Utility Surveyor

Location: Leeds

Land / Senior Utility Surveyor

Location: Leeds

Utility Surveyor

Location: Telford

About The Survey Association

Our primary purpose is to represent and promote the interests of survey companies and professionals in the United Kingdom. TSA serves as a collective voice for the industry, advocating for policies and standards that enhance the practice of surveying and geospatial services.

We provide a platform for networking and collaboration among surveying professionals and we focus on education and training, supporting the development of surveying skills and expertise. TSA also serves as a valuable resource for businesses and individuals seeking surveying services.

Working hard to promote and maintain industry standards we collaborate with regulatory bodies and government organisations to ensure that surveying practices adhere to high-quality standards and are aligned with relevant regulations and legislation. TSA members are encouraged to uphold these standards, fostering a culture of professionalism and integrity within the industry.

Are you ready to be part of it?

Click below to find out more about the new PAS128 accreditation scheme for utility surveying companies.