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Promoting best practice, providing guidance and support and continuing professional development for UK commercial Survey companies.

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What is TSA and why should you use a TSA Member?

The role of TSA is to promote best practice amongst its members, provide a forum for members for discussion, debate and continuing professional development and, to the wider audience such as engineers and architects, provide guidance on new methods and techniques and a list of suitably qualified and experienced companies.

Membership of TSA offers a range of great services and benefits to you and your employees, from discounts to inside industry knowledge.

Membership Benefits

  • 30-40% discount on all courses at The Survey School
  • FREE posting of Job Adverts and Training Courses
  • On-going Marketing and Promotional initiatives
  • FREE Technical Seminars many more great benefits

How to apply

There are five categories of TSA Membership, although the benefits are almost entirely the same.

Find out more about Membership types and to contact us for an appropriate application form.

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What do members gain from a TSA event?

From networking with fellow professionals, getting up to date with changes in our industry to sharing latest ideas, watch our short film to find out more...

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