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Archidata Ltd

Welcome to Archidata, a specialist surveying service providing Architectural survey data and drawings for architects, construction professionals, self-builders and private individuals.

Experience and focus

Our team have provided surveying services for over 12 years.

Based at the Design Studio in Steyning, the Archidata team have formed to provide a focused surveying service for the construction industry.

We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and we always enjoy a challenge! From fast and exact one-man topographical land surveys, to state-of-the-art 3D laser scans of complex historic buildings, we support the design, planning, development and construction processes by collaborating with our clients and providing exactly what they need for their specific project.

Services include:

3D laser scans: fast and highly accurate colour or monochrome data capture indoors and out measuring your site in three dimensions to provide a comprehensive Pointcloud of the land and property

For really quick data capture, our mobile hand-held rapid laser mapping system (Zebedee) allows for fast data capture, without complex set up or lengthy data processing. It’s ideal for use indoors, underground and in environments where traditional GPS solutions don’t function well.

Topographical land surveys: state of the art robotic theodolites and centimetre accurate Ordnance Survey linked GPS equipment allow us to capture site data to provide accurate land surveys in a range of formats including dwg, dxf, pdf, XYZ, and rvt . The level of detail can vary from a simple level survey with basic line work to a fully annotated plot of a complex urban scene.

Measured building surveys: architectural floor, roof, lease, area, legal and conveyancy plans, elevations, cross sections, reflected ceiling plans, 3d wire frames, rendered CAD models, BIM models, verticality profiles and monitoring, fly throughs, precise floor slab surveys all using the latest Bluetooth linked laser measuring equipment and software. Provided as 2D CAD drawings or 3D models in AutoCAD or Revit.

3D site models and site sections: full or partial 3D models from gathered survey data produced in a variety of formats to suit your needs for BIM, animations or simply for rendered visualisation purposes. Land surveys can provide digital terrain maps (DTM) with contours and almost instantaneous site sections. Data for sandboxing in Sketchup or topo surfaces in Revit and XYZ/csv files for import into CAD.


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