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GPR for Utilities Masterclass

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Course Duration

2 Days

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Course fee

£995 per person plus VAT. (10% discount for TSA members)


The University of Greenwich (Medway Campus)


The only non-manufacturer dedicated course for GPR utility detection within the UK, run as an interactive workshop to ensure full understanding and participation of the theory and practical modules.

Suitable for GPR users, utility surveyors and survey managers, although beginners can benefit from the course, some prior exposure to GPR is beneficial. The course size is limited to a maximum of 8 trainees.

The course is to provide GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) users with an understanding of what GPR equipment is and how it is composed, how it works, what factors affect GPR performance and why, what can and what can’t be found with GPR and why, and how to interpret GPR data using both saved examples and data acquired by the class on-site. Explanation of current GPR ‘good practice’ including compliance with the new BSi specification PAS 128 and how the TSA ‘Essential Guide to Utility Surveys’ is being revised to align with this specification. The course concludes with a practical and theory assessment, followed by a questions and answers session to ensure all aspects have been understood.

We accept the use of anybody’s GPR system as long as they are able to operate it. However GPR systems are supplied for those who don’t want to bring their own.

The course is broken into  a number of modules and spread over two days.

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Day One (Theory):

  • Basic radar theory
  • Introduction to GPR
  • Basic GPR Principles
  • What can and can’t be found with GPR (and why)
  • GPR data examples
  • Practical target identification
  • Further GPR data examples
  • Introduction to PAS 128 and TSA ‘Essential Guide to Utility Surveys’

Day Two (Practical):

  • Recap Day one
  • Introduction to good field practice
  • Practical surveying using GPR to perform a survey using the grid system
  • Practical assessment
  • Theory assessment
  • Questions and Answers

Other information

Adequate PPE is provided however students may bring their own.

A hot lunch and refreshments are also provided throughout the course