High Precision GNSS using Post-Processing

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2 days

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Newcastle University, School of Civil Engineering & Geosciences

High-precision GNSS underpins the delivery of Network Real-Time Kinematic positioning services but can also be employed for a variety of more precise surveying and engineering applications, such as high order control establishment and deformation monitoring, if the data are post-processed. This two day course explores, in detail, the various GNSS error sources that inhibit precise coordinate determination and examines ways of mitigating these errors using additional data and methods available in post-processing mode.

The course introduces error theory and provides ample opportunity for real-world practical analysis through the use of Leica Geo Office GNSS post-processing software (Leica Geosystems). Extensive practical examples including antenna phase centre modelling, tropospheric effects and orbit error will be quantified and appropriate mitigation strategies explored. Signal processing combinations will also be reviewed and the course will provide attendees with the theoretical and technical skills required to achieve the highest precisions and accuracies when post-processing their GNSS data.

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