Apprenticeships – weighing up options

Published: 26 Jul 2023

Apprenticeships are a great way for people who may not have formal qualifications in a specialist industry to gain first-hand experience and knowledge. In the surveying profession, this can mean being taken on as an apprentice surveyor by one of our many member companies. In this blog, we’re weighing up the options available when it comes to apprenticeships and the advantages of entering the profession this way.   TSA has supported the creation of a Level 3 Geospatial Survey Technician Apprenticeship and also a Level 6 Geospatial Mapping and Science Specialist Apprenticeship.

A defined career path

Apprentices can come from a variety of sources. They might be school leavers, university graduates or post-graduates, or they can join from related or unrelated sectors, with a view to a career change using their transferable skills. They can be from any age group, but are often younger people seeking a formal and defined career path.

There are many advantages to becoming an apprentice. One of the biggest positives is the fact that they will be earning while they are learning, which is clearly very useful – rather than perhaps accruing debt at university. Apprenticeships will also involve gaining training and qualifications, which can be carried out while working. Often these credentials can then be used as a springboard to higher level professional qualifications and career advancement.

Experience is priceless

Another advantage is that apprentices will be learning from surveyors with experience. Having colleagues and mentors with a vast array of experience in all kinds of disciplines will ensure the apprentices are witnessing at first-hand the high standards of the industry. The next generation of surveyors and also their parent companies are both benefitting from knowledge-sharing. In this way, apprenticeships guarantee both quality and longevity, and contribute to helping our members build a better business.

You can tailor apprenticeship training to suit your business needs and also improve staff retention at the same time. But with modern techniques and equipment evolving over time, apprenticeships can also develop new skills within the workforce.  

As they gain more experience and qualifications, apprentices can attend The Survey School, which is part of TSA. There they can undertake professional courses at the UK’s only commercial training centre that provides training to the land survey profession. The TSA Surveying Course is accredited by The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors and the School runs a series of short technical courses, ranging from two to five days in duration.

There are of course discounted rates available for members of the TSA at The Survey School, so there are clear advantages to seeking advice or opportunities with TSA membership practices. TSA advertises job opportunities to its network of members too. And you never know, the apprentices you take on today might well become the TSA members of tomorrow.

If you would like to find out more about apprenticeships and what they can do for your business, or as an individual would like to approach a TSA member with a view to becoming an apprentice, then get in touch with us today.