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Back to the Future – 14th Century meets the 21st


Rachel Tyrrell

Rachel Tyrrell



The April Council meeting follows the AGM and is, therefore, rather like the beginning of term.  We had a brand new Council member to welcome – Oliver Viney of Atlantic Geomatics – who had bravely volunteered at the AGM last week.

We first used The Priory at Hitchin as venue for Council meetings in 2009 and have enjoyed returning once a year ever since.  The spacious grounds, 14th Century building and relaxed atmosphere usually make for a good set of meetings.



The three Committees (PR, Membership and Technical) rattled through their, very full, agendas from 10.30am to 12.30pm.  A lot of ground is covered during this time, aided by a member of the Secretariat on each (Rory on MIA, Rachel on PR and Susan on Technical).  Members have read through the briefing notes supplied beforehand and discussions are detailed and informed.

After a pleasant interlude for lunch and lively conversation, Council convened at 1.30pm – chaired by TSA’s President Graham Mills.  The main points and recommendations from the morning Committees were put to Council for discussion and/or approval.  A new Member was approved and various seminars have been confirmed (see our Events page for more details).  Further enhancements and updates will be made to TSA’s incredibly popular website and social media platforms.  The Technical Committee have a fearsome track record in producing Client Guides of the highest quality and more are in draft form.

The day ended positively, with a clear programme of work.  Dates for 2014 meetings have already been set. The reports of yesterdays meetings have already been written and the actions are already well under way.

Keep an eye on the website for announcements, Press Releases and more details added to planned events.