Body and mind – health and wellbeing at work

Published: 07 Jun 2023

The acknowledgement of health and wellbeing at work has become more prominent in recent years. Discussions are more open, problems more fully understood and vulnerabilities more widely acknowledged in the workplace arena nowadays.

In addition to the usual work stresses and strains that employees encounter, there have been some pretty major sea changes in how people work in recent years. Everyone wants a better work-life balance and there are many reasons why people need this – from caring for children and elderly relatives, to issues around mental and physical health. This is just as true in the surveying and construction sector as it is in any other industry.

Positive steps for health and wellbeing

A healthy lifestyle is perhaps the first step towards good mental and physical health. But it isn’t always possible to adhere to the levels of exercise and diet that are required to remain in optimum condition. Bad habits are easily formed. As a surveyor, you will need to be reasonably fit, as many aspects of the job are both physically demanding and outdoors. Work pressures however can be just as intense as physical pressures, and unmanageable workloads and unrealistic deadlines can have just as big an impact on staff as other demands. If there are issues in these areas, it’s important that employees feel that their voices are heard.

While changes in physical health can be relatively easy to spot, mental health issues can be hidden and remain unidentified for long periods. They can be more difficult to pigeonhole as well, as conditions can be connected to a multitude of issues, from depression and stress to fatigue and anxiety. Workplace health and wellbeing is mostly about ensuring your employees are safe, healthy, satisfied and engaged with their work, but encompasses much more besides.

States of mind

Sometimes it’s worth assessing employee contentment by using a questionnaire, which can be completed anonymously. There are many external companies that offer wellbeing and health surveys. They can gather background information on different aspects of an individual’s mental health and personal wellbeing. Their responses will provide a snapshot of the employee’s state of mind and reveal any issues they may be experiencing. Surveys might ask employees pertinent questions to gauge their mood and state of mind. These may include things like “Are you happy at work?”, “Do you think your employer cares about your wellbeing?” or “Do you ever become anxious or depressed about work?” The valuable information gained from the survey can be used to support the development of mental health and wellbeing procedures that can be used by employees across the organisation.

Work-related health and wellbeing issues can often spill over into someone’s personal life and vice versa. It’s important as both an employer and a colleague to look for changes in personality and behaviour that can indicate issues. The earlier these can be brought to light, the easier they will be to resolve. One of The Survey Association’s vision statements is to help members build a better business and as a part of that, it is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its members, striving to provide the tools to enable issues of mental and physical health are addressed as soon as they arise.