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Free exhibition entry at Commercial UAV Show in London


Rachel Tyrrell

Rachel Tyrrell



The Commericial UAV Show will be the largest gathering of the commercial UAV universe ever assembled with over 1500 visitors.

With 1,500 attendees, 70 + exhibitors and over 80 speakers, The Commercial UAV Show 2014 will provide its audiences with insights into this emerging market and enable them to hear first-hand from both industry and end user organisations who are leading the way in this exciting space.

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As a visitor to the show, you will benefit from the following:
On-Floor Seminars

Attend The Commercial UAV Show’s Technical seminar for two jam-packed days of UAV manufacturer and end user presentations, case studies, displays and audience Q&A’s.

The seminar programme is comprised of 20 minute speaking sessions carefully sculpted to provide attendees with a direct insight into current and future successful commercial UAV operations, the latest UAV technologies, future plans for regulation and a sneak peak at some of the high quality data captured by a variety of unmanned platforms.

With speaker participation from a mix of industry innovators and service providers as well as content from successful UAV end users, you’ll be able to make new contacts and access pioneering projects that will help benefit your own organisation.

See the full on floor seminar agenda HERE


End User Zone

The end user zone allows attendees not only to meet with UAV manufacturers on the exhibition floor but crucially, to learn about successful cross-sector UAV projects that are happening right now from UAV end users at their individual exhibition booths.

Allowing those attendees with ‘exhibition only’ passes to still be able to learn about current commercial UAV operations and how this emerging technology is helping a multitude of companies to reach their various industry-specific organisational goals.

The end user zone will be especially educational for those attendees who are still in the exploration stage of understanding the various cost-benefit and operational efficiencies that UAVs can offer.

Current end-user exhibitors include SNCF, British Antarctic Survey and BBC World Service

Charity Zone

The Commercial UAV Show 2014 attendees can now meet with attending global charities in the exhibition Charity Zone. Part of The Commercial UAV Show’s message is to help raise awareness and further promote how UAVs are making a positive difference to charity missions across the world.

UAVs are being increasingly utilised in environmental, animal welfare and humanitarian missions and the Charity Zone has been created to support the cause of several international Charities who have adopted UAV technology to aid their missions and make a positive impact to the world we live in.

Join Wildlife Air Service, Open relief, and Medair at the Charity Zone to find out more.
Register for the free exhibtion HERE