Levelling up – Events

Published: 12 Jul 2023

Corporate events are a great way for companies, large and small, to hold regular get-togethers to help grow the business and the team. They can be considered as a thank you to clients and employees, a chance for the team to bond, do some friendly networking, and an opportunity to demonstrate your recent business successes too.

If you want to communicate which way your company is heading, holding some sort of company event is a great way to do it. It is a good way to demonstrate what the company as a whole has achieved and can ultimately help boost your productivity. The right events also help enhance a business’s reputation and create brand recognition, especially if you open them up to people outside your organisation.

Corporate events often follow a similar format. Usually, a key speaker will provide some expert knowledge and experience. It’s good to include workshops and discussions to encourage engagement too. It’s worth providing some good quality refreshments too, as people tend to remember an event where they particularly enjoyed the food!

Don’t forget that celebrating with the people who made your success possible will demonstrate your appreciation to your employees and will really boost morale. Why not add a reward ceremony to celebrate individual successes further?

Here at The Survey Association, we regularly hold events for our members including an AGM, an annual conference and training and networking events. The events we run enable members and a wider audience alike to gather relevant facts, discuss business issues with their counterparts in the profession, and learn from leading figures in the surveying world. We bring together people from across disciplines to share knowledge and compare notes.

As part of our commitment to our members to help them build a better business we have produced a series of business briefing notes. You can find them here.

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