Levelling up: finding and retaining talent

Published: 30 Aug 2023

The land surveying profession, much like the wider construction industry, is suffering from a skills shortage, which, if it continues unchecked, will impact the future sustainability of the profession.

Your people are at the very heart of your organisation, and without the right people in post, your reputation will ultimately suffer. So how do you go about finding and retaining talent? In our latest levelling up blog, we look at some of the ways you might consider ensuring you are attracting – and keeping – the best people for the job.

Employer of choice

To attract the best people to your organisation, you need to ensure that your outward facing profile demonstrates that you are a good business to work for. You need your company to look attractive to potential employees, not just expect the talent to find you. Some simple ways of ensuring that you are giving off the right signals, include reviewing your website and social media platforms to check that they reflect the business in the best light. Your website and social media platforms provide a great opportunity to show you are a good employer and you work on some interesting projects – both of which will be important deciding factors for anyone looking for a new role.

These platforms provide an opportunity for people to get a glimpse of the culture, not only through the projects, but also initiatives like charity and community activity you might get involved in, or the apprenticeships or training you provide.

Always learning

Having a robust approach to training and development, whether it’s through apprenticeships or structured or on-the-job training, will also appeal to individuals looking to grow and develop in their roles. This is not only a good way to attract people, but it will also help you retain them in the long-term, if they can see a clear career path to follow. Aligning your business with recognised bodies and associations, such as The Survey Association, will also enhance your credibility.

Keep it interesting and open

Land surveyors have a wide and varied job role and ensuring that this is clearly described – along with any other benefits – particularly any opportunities for travel, might encourage people into the profession, who might not have thought of it previously. Another important consideration, is looking at how you can encourage more women into surveying. Although still a largely male-populated profession, it is one that if promoted correctly, could attract talented female surveyors too.

Remember what’s in front of you

Recognising the talent already in your business is also a key attribute of any successful company. You need to be able to identify talent and acknowledge the importance of retaining that talent in the long term. Talent management needs to be a joined-up process and also should be part of a wider business strategy. In this way, your investment can be prioritised and resources allocated, as an integral part of growth and success.

Talent spotting

Keeping on the lookout for talent is a key part of business management too. With platforms such as LinkedIn, it’s easy to connect with new people and ascertain their experience and suitability for your own business. It’s essential that when recognising potential, that you link it to performance and process. So that anyone you engage with, and ultimately employ, is rewarded for their commitment and achievements. Any business needs a mixture both of knowledge and experience, and modern thinking on the latest developments. There’s no point in having a seasoned, knowledgeable team that has no awareness about digital technology, such as social media or video sharing platforms.

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