New TSA Client Guide on Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Surveys

Published: 27 Sep 2013

TSA has produced a new Client Guide on Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Surveys.  This follows TSA’s hugely successful one day conference on this subject, held on 12th June this year.

As with all TSA Client Guides, they are free to download (HERE) and come in High Res and Low Res versions.

Peter Barker, TSA Technical Committee Chairman writes:

“Mapping of the terrain using aerial photographs has been used by the survey industry for many years. With the introduction of photography from cameras mounted on small unmanned aircraft (SUA) it is now viable to map smaller areas, from lower altitudes, with quick turnaround and at lower cost. TSA have produced this client guide to advise on the advantages and accuracies one can expect from this new technology and to bring to the attention of clients some of the limitations of the systems.”