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TSA and ICE join forces


Rachel Tyrrell

Rachel Tyrrell



All TSA members will be aware of the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers), who it represents and what it stands for. ICE states on its own website “ICE was founded in 1818 by a small group of idealistic young men. We were granted a royal charter in 1828 where we declared that our aim was to “foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering”. That is still our aim today. Now the number of members has grown, and ICE represents nearly 80,000 members worldwide.”

TSA is pleased to announce that, having been approached by the ICE, it has agreed to a programme of jointly promoting each other’s events. The ICE already has a full programme of events both locally and nationally and in future these will additionally be advertised through the TSA website, when appropriate, and the TSA logo will be included on any ICE literature regarding the events. As a bonus, all TSA members will be offered a discount on the attendance cost of the jointly promoted events. TSA will also be offered the opportunity to distribute literature at the venues.

This is a tremendous compliment for TSA and shows the esteem in which we are now held by one of the world’s foremost institutions.

The future programme of events include seminars on Transport and BIM, both of which should have appeal to TSA members.

Both TSA and ICE will be spreading the word using both Social Media and the more traditional methods of hard copy.

We hope you will make the most of this new opportunity and that it will help to open new doors for all concerned.