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TSA Equipment Anti-theft Working Group





TSA has always taken the theft of survey equipment very seriously. Over the years we have engaged with a number of companies to look at various schemes and solutions to help reduce the theft of survey equipment and to assist in recover rates.  At the GEOBusiness Show in May 2016, TSA brought together equipment manufacturers – Leica Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble, along with the police and the insurance industry to discuss the matter of equipment theft in an open forum. Also in attendance was a representative from SmartWater, a forensic marking company with vast experience of working with the police to develop cutting edge deterrent methods with proven successful recovery and conviction rates.

One of the objectives from the session at GEOBusiness was that a Working Group would be set up to look at, how as a profession, we can reduce the number of thefts and assist the police in successful recovery. The first meeting of the working group with representatives from Leica Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble, along with Lockton insurance brokers and SmartWater was held in London on 30th August.  TSA was represented by Vice-President Adam Bradley (appointed Chairman of the Working Group) and Rachel Tyrrell, TSA Manager.

From member feedback post GEOBusiness and one of the key outcomes from the working group session, it was proposed that the current ‘Best Practice Guide’ be updated under the banner of TSA and should include Education, Prevention/Deterrents, Report and React, Intelligence Sharing.  Further to this, a proposal is being developed in collaboration with the police and forensic monitoring experts to look at creating an intelligent database of equipment thefts.

The Working Group will meet again before the end of the year to review progress.

TSA Members will be kept fully informed.