TSA Off and Running in 2013

Published: 07 Feb 2013

We have already celebrated a couple of landmarks in 2013 – TSA now has 140 companies in membership, which we are delighted about, plus the growth looks set to continue as 19 Application Packs were requested in January.  This is a record – especially for a time of year that is normally fairly quiet.

Rory has already undertaken two Assessment Visits this year, the final stage of the Application Process, with another scheduled for next week.  It might sound a bit daunting, but it is a real two-way meeting where we encourage a prospective new member to really get the most out of their TSA Membership and ask any questions.

You will have noticed that we don’t make Application Forms available on the website.  This is because, in almost all cases, we need to advise a company as to which category of membership their company is actually eligible for.  The Application Forms require quite a bit of information, so we aim to avoid the nightmare of having to do it all twice!  We are always happy to chat it through, or email an explanation of how the process works.  If you have been considering membership, but need to know more – please call (01636 642840) or email (office@tsa-uk.org.uk).