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TSA’s Quarterly Q&A





TSA has been running a Quarterly Industry Snapshot Survey (or QISS to make it more friendly) since 1999.  The same questions have been asked every quarter, asking questions on sales, staff levels, business confidence for the year ahead, work capacity and the items that put the most adverse pressure on their business.

TSA Members have access to all the results gleaned over the last 17 years.

Between 50 – 60 companies regularly take part.  The latest QISS was run in October and makes for interesting reading.

While Members report that 81% are currently working at Full Capacity, which is a decent figure, 22% have stated that their workforce has decreased over the last three months.

Members are positive about Orders – 83% reporting either an increase or the same as the previous three months, with 83% again expecting sales over the next 12 months to either increase or stay the same.  Compare that to the dark days of January 2009 when only 16% expected sales to increase and 70% were working below capacity.

Top of the charts for causing the most adverse pressure on businesses are the usual suspects – Low Fees and Shortage of Skilled Staff.  These two issues constantly provide material for endless discussions on how best to tackle them.  TSA has carried out a lot of work to address the skills problem, writing the syllabus for the TSA Surveying Course back in 2001 and then taking over the running of the Survey School in 2014.  We have also launched which boasts a fantastic animation sequence to enthuse school leavers and career-changers alike.

Members will be hearing the very latest thoughts on Brexit from our political lobbyists MHP at the Conference next week and receive monthly updates on political issues that may affect them.  Roll on January 2017 for the next QISS!